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Mission, Vision & Equity Statements

Mission Statement

The Baltimore Community ToolBank serves community-based organizations by providing tools, equipment & expertise to empower their most ambitious goals.

Vision Statement

To equip all communities with tools for change.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Updated and Approved by the ToolBank Board of Directors, April 2023

The Baltimore Community ToolBank is an anti-racist and inclusive organization focused on enhancing access to resources for community-based organizations. We work to eliminate structural racism in our broader society as well as in our policies, procedures, and practices.

Our purpose is to disrupt the cycle of inequitable distribution of wealth by sharing resources within our community. The primary way in which we combat inequities is by granting access to resources for all qualified partners, including those who lack traditional access.


  • We employ an empathetic approach to respond to our partners’ true needs.
  • We consistently seek education on what those needs are.
  • We listen, engage, respond, and ultimately serve all qualified partners.
  • We provide resources equitably and do not deny any qualified partner service on the grounds of race, religious affiliation, gender identity, sex, sexuality, creed, ability, or ethnicity.

Equitable access, diversity of insight and inclusion of all voices are not just core values of the Baltimore Community ToolBank’s mission, they are our core strengths.