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Tool Lending Program

How It Works

How it Works

The heart of the ToolBank is our tool lending program. Membership is free for qualifying partner organizations and they have year-round access to our inventory of tools and equipment for a nominal fee. ToolBank tools are only available to organizations whose work benefits our shared community.

Qualifying organizations include:

  • Nonprofit/Charitable/Tax-exempt organizations
  • Schools and PTAs/PTOs
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Faith-based groups
  • Civic organizations
  • Government agencies

The Process

  1. Become a ToolBank Member Agency: First-time borrowers must complete our brief online membership application before they can borrow tools. Please click the button below to visit the application. There is no membership fee. The membership process captures documentation of community organization status and creates a user account in our online tool ordering system.
  2. Submit a Tool Order: Agency logs in to their ToolBank account and submits a tool order online. We ask that you place your order at least 48 hours in advance of your desired pickup time or with as much notice as you can give. Note that your appointment is not confirmed until a staff person contacts you directly.
  3. Pick Up Tools By Appointment: Agency picks up their tool order at the ToolBank at their scheduled pickup time. ToolBank staff and volunteers have already prepared the order in advance and help the agency load tools and equipment into their vehicle. ToolBank staff provides the agency with usage and care guidelines and an itemized receipt.
  4. Return Tools By Appointment: After the completion of the project, the agency calls and schedules a return appointment. The agency returns borrowed tools at the scheduled return time. ToolBank staff and volunteers assist agency in unloading tools and check tools back into inventory.

Note: To enjoy the privilege of the ToolBank, member agencies must be in good standing at all times. Good standing means: all costs are paid up-to-date; all appointment times are met within reason, and all tools are returned via appointment by their due date. Any violation of these policies puts a member agency at risk of suspension. Every communication between the ToolBank and a member agency is tracked. In the case of suspension, member agencies will have a record of communications and reasons available upon request.

The ToolBank is a point-of-sale vendor. We collect payment no later than the date the tools are returned. We do not invoice. For long-term order, payment is due every eight weeks. Payments can be made in advance and are due no later than the date of return.