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Board Membership

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We encourage you to submit your interest for our next round of onboarding. We currently review applications in cycle between board meetings and vote on candidates at our next board meeting provided it is two weeks or more in the future. Board meetings are currently held every other month starting in January and ending in November annually. All members who are voted onto the board join as a group starting the first day of the following month or by arrangement with the candidate. Note: There are occasional exceptions to our review timeline depending on board composition needs. Per our bylaws, a maximum of 25 board members can serve at one time. Voting on candidates may not be possible if we have a full board, in which case we'd vote on candidates in order when a vacancy arises.

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What do we seek in a board member?

The top qualification for board membership is passion for our social justice mission. This implies a working knowledge of how our tool lending program creates local resilience in our region and an understanding that we infuse equity and sustainable environmental practices into our service delivery at every level. Applicants should review and agree with our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement prior to applying. All board members share our stated values.

Skills we’re currently seeking:

JEDIA+ experience

Financial management

Fundraising & special events

Contract law/general counsel

Human resource experience

Board Terms

Board terms are three years long and any one person may serve two consecutive terms. After the second term (year six), board tenure ends. After a period of one year, anyone who previously served as a board member may reapply.

After submitting your application, ToolBank staff or board may reach out to you to set up an interview.

Who Currently Serves on the Board?

Please see our current roster of board members and read their ‘Why’ statements here.

What defines a ‘ToolBanker’?

We are a small and mighty staff and a board of approximately 20 people. Staff and board have a passion for serving the servers. We exist to disrupt the cycle of community organizations over-paying for what we can share. We are creative, thoughtful, fun-loving, kind, lighthearted and serious about our work all at once. We serve 275+ community partners annually with 1000+ orders to amplify their work across a diversity of impact area in our shared community.


The form linked below should take 15-30 minutes to complete by typing.

If you prefer to respond via video or voice memo instead, you can send a file to and use subject line “Board Application”. If you prefer to express interest through a conversation, give us a call at (410) 244-5565 so we can set a time to connect.

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